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Overview of Dr. Martin Zahn’s articles and videos on biblical topics.

God revealed very interesting things to me while reading the Bible that I had not read or heard before. That’s why I wrote these articles and made the videos.

The Lord’s Supper – The Meal of the New Covenant

The Lord’s Supper is a covenant meal confirming the New Covenant. Jesus wants to have communion with us during the meal and we can get a deeper revelation that he paid the price for our transgressions and our sickness. I would like to read the biblical scriptures with you and look at the Jewish customs to get a better understanding and a deeper revelation about the Lord’s Supper.

We begin with reading about the divine covenant meals in the Old Testament. We will examine Jewish customs surrounding the Passover meal before looking at how Jesus celebrated it with his disciples for the last time, because that is where the Lord’s Supper originated. The meaning of the Lord’s Supper will be explained and questions will be addressed as to whether taking Communion with sin in our lives could harm us and how often Communion was celebrated in New Testament times. Practical guidance will also be provided as to how we may celebrate Communion nowadays. We will comment on additional scriptures from the Old and New Testament and read of Jesus’ sufferings concluding with a short summary.

What commandments should Christians keep?

When we live in the New Covenant, we don’t keep commandments or laws to become righteous, but we should keep Jesus’ commands. But what are they? Jesus and our Heavenly Father are one; so there is no difference between the commands of Jesus and the ones of our Heavenly Father. Does this mean that we should keep the Ten Commandments and maybe other Mosaic laws?

In order to answer this question we read all relevant scriptures so that we are not led to premature conclusions. We begin with what Jesus taught. Then in the book of Acts we read about Peter’s vision and the Council at Jerusalem. We study scriptures from the letters of Paul and others. We look at the Ten Commandments and some prophecies in the Old Testament. Then we will tackle the following questions:

  1. How does God think about the Sabbath? Article
  2. How about eating pork or other unclean animals? Article
  3. What are our financial obligations and do we have to tithe? Article

Who is the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament?

The angel of the Lord is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. We prove that this is Jesus: Moses saw God in the burning bush. We explain in detail why it is impossible that he saw Yahweh, the Lord, our heavenly Father. So Moses saw Jesus who is God and who already existed. That the angel of the Lord is God had also been recognized by Samson’s father Manoah and it also follows from the fact that he delivered messages from God in the first person.

Do all things work for good and should we be thankful for everything?

Romans 8:28 is often translated in the way that all things work together for good to them that love God. All things include also illness and poverty for example. But are these things really working for good to us? We will look into the Greek text in order to get clarity.

Overcome Satan with Your Testimony of Who You are in Christ!

In the Revelation it is written that Christians have also overcome Satan “by the word of their testimony” (Rev 12:11). What is meant by this and how can it help us? We show that this testimony of Christians consists of universal statements that should be spoken, for example, confessing Jesus as Lord. The testimony of Christians can also provide information about their identity, i.e. answer the question “Who am I in Christ?” Concerning the Christian identity, we therefore compile some facts and scriptures.

What is Worship? ⇐ New!

Worship in the biblical sense is about more than inwardly honoring God. The biblical concept of worship is quite different from the common understanding. We answer in particular the questions how and why God should be worshiped and what promises are associated with it.

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