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Overview of Dr. Martin Zahn’s articles and videos on biblical topics.

God revealed very interesting things to me while reading the Bible that I had not read or heard before. That’s why I wrote these articles and made the videos.

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Main works

The Lord’s Supper – The Meal of the New Covenant

The Lord’s Supper is a covenant meal confirming the New Covenant. Jesus wants to have communion with us during the meal and we can get a deeper revelation that he paid the price for our transgressions and our sickness. I would like to read the biblical scriptures with you and look at the Jewish customs to get a better understanding and a deeper revelation about the Lord’s Supper.

The Church of Jesus – Offices, Duties and Organization ⇐ New

In Christianity today, there are very different views on how the church should be structured and organized. For example, in some churches elders are regularly elected by all members of the congregation, while in others they are appointed for life without the participation of the members. There is also disagreement about what the duties and responsibilities of elders are and what others may do, for example, whether they are allowed to administer the Lord’s Supper. There are churches in which women are not allowed to preach, whereas in others they are installed as pastors. Therefore, we look at the relevant scriptures and consider some organizational matters such as church services, membership in congregations, and their charters and structures.

What commandments should Christians keep?

When we live in the New Covenant, we don’t keep commandments or laws to become righteous, but we should keep Jesus’ commands. But what are they? Jesus and our Heavenly Father are one; so there is no difference between the commands of Jesus and the ones of our Heavenly Father. Does this mean that we should keep the Ten Commandments and maybe other Mosaic laws? To answer this question we read all relevant scriptures so that we are not led to premature conclusions. Then we tackle the following questions:

  1. What is fornication? Article
  2. Do we have to keep the Sabbath? Article
  3. How about eating pork? Article
  4. What are our financial obligations and do we have to tithe? Article

Less complex topics

The Biblical Spring Feasts in the Light of Jesus ⇐ New

The Passover and the Day of the Firstfruits as well as the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) were given new meaning through Jesus in the year of his death. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus was crucified on the day when the Passover lambs were slaughtered (Nisan 14), and according to the other Gospels one calendar day later (Nisan 15). We explain in detail that the Gospels do not contradict each other, but complement themselves in a wonderful way by showing different perspectives. We also pay particular attention to the fact that Jesus was dead “three days and three nights”.

Who is the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament?

The angel of the Lord is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. We prove that this is Jesus: Moses saw God in the burning bush. It is impossible that he saw Yahweh, the Lord, our heavenly Father. So Moses saw Jesus who is God and already existed.
That the angel of the Lord is God had also been recognized by Samson’s father Manoah and it also follows from the fact that he delivered messages from God in the first person. Moreover, Isaiah prophesied about Jesus the very unique name “Wonderful”, which the angel of the Lord bears.

Do all things work for good and should we be thankful for everything?

Romans 8:28 is often translated in the way that all things work together for good to them that love God. But all things include also illness and poverty for example. So do really all these things work for good to us? We will look into the Greek text in order to get clarity.

Overcome Satan with Your Testimony of Who You are in Christ!

In the Revelation of John it is written that Christians have overcome Satan also “by the word of their testimony” (Rev 12:11). What is meant by this and how can it help us? We read additional scriptures in order to better understand the term „testimony“. Our testimony is about our identity and should be confessed with our mouth. Therefore we also answer the question: “Who am I in Christ?”

What is Worship?

Worship in the biblical sense is about more than inwardly honoring God. The biblical concept of worship is quite different from the common understanding. We answer in particular the questions how and why God should be worshiped and what promises are associated with it.

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